What is OOSAY?

A lot of us in the world tend to keep things to ourselves, but OOSay is a platform that allows you to share anything you want completely anonymously or openly. As human beings, we all know the feeling of wanting to scream out to the world what we really want but are afraid to do so. OOSay gives you that opportunity and can be your window into a new world of opportunity and fearlessness.

How many of us want to freely share things that cross our mind but are nervous for how others will perceive your thoughts? Well, OOSay gives you a completely anonymous outlet to share anything you want with the world without criticism or judgment. OOSay encourages you to share your ideas, dreams, confessions, secret desires, and pretty much anything on your mind that you want to express. Do you ever feel like you have to censor your tweets or Facebook posts and content that may be controversial or seemingly too personal? Do you have something you just want to get off your chest but for some reason you just can’t reveal?... A secret you just want to get out but can’t express?... A confession to something you may have done and can’t admit to…Or something as simple as a desire to talk about your day or discuss a certain topic? With OOSay you can feel free to share anything and everything to anyone whenever you want without any negativity, judgment or criticism and without anyone even knowing your identity... OOSay brings you into a world where your personal diary becomes reality. You can chat with other people to have a real conversation freely whether it be with someone who relates to a story you shared or can get advice from other users about a problem you’re experiencing. Sometimes we just need an opinion without bias, OOSay is the solution and if someone has an issue with what you are saying, well who cares…they don’t even know who you are! We all have that one or ex-girlfriend or Aunt who’s constantly keeping track of our every move on social media, constantly commenting on our posts with their own opinion or provide unnecessary criticisms and judgements but with OOSay you can anonymously share anything you feel like you want to express but you do have the option to make your profile public, revealing your identity. The real unique part though is that you are allowed up to 13 friends and you can only message those who are your friends. So only you can decide who you talk to. This site is 100% dedicated to you. You are guaranteed a private profile that protects not only your identity, but any personal information shared on the site. Should you require any information, feel free to contact us via phone. So go ahead, clear your mind with OOSay and start sharing…