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Having trouble? We're here to help. Please see the topics below. We tried to answer the most common questions. If you are looking for something different than listed below, please reach us at help@oosay.net and feel free to share your feedbacks at feedback@oosay.net. We look forward to get your feedbacks.

Yes, its 100% free.
No, unlikes Facebook and Twitter everyone shares in the same place and your post can be seen by anyone. However on the post screen you have a privacy option which can be found on the bottom of the dialog. This allows you to add limitations to your post. For instance you can choose to share with only males or females or set an age arrengment or you can disable comments etc...
Yes! We dont share your personal information with any other platform or a company.
There are a few ways to do that. Visit our registration page at http://www.oosay.net/Account/SignUp or clicking options icon which is next to avatar image on the home page.
Yes, you can only have 13 friends now.
Yes, this option can be found on your profile page where you can find the settings tab.
No, you can only message to your followers.
No, you dont need to read browse through posts but you wont be able to comment or use reaction buttons nor visit their profile or message them.
Of course you can. This option can be found under settings tab on your profile page.
Currently not. But we are working on it. However the person who isnt your follower wouldnt be able to send you a direct message.